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Our Story.

Hi. I’m Susan, founder of Oasis Botanical Company. Skin issues have been with me my entire life. I’ve been a life-long sufferer of eczema (add to that allergies and asthma). As for the eczema, I have never “out-grown” it as most of my childhood doctors falsely predicted. Almost everything was tried to get me relief and/or cure it. From medications (every grade of cortisone) to homeopathic treatment to outlandish diets (including a rather frightening rice cakes diet). You name it, I’ve tried it.


Chemical Bath Products & My Skin

As I got older, my skin would NOT tolerate any bath/body products with fragrance, color or detergents. Most (if not all) labels had nuclear-sounding ingredients, and I was scared of using any of those products. Fragrance was the worst. Everything I came into contact with had to be unscented. Most soaps were an issue too, because I could potentially itch for hours afterward. I desperately needed an alternative to all the junk ingredients in bath and body products. But it was virtually impossible to find absolutely 100% chemical-free skin and soap products. Most of the products on store shelves (to this day) that say “natural”, aren’t.

My “Stumble” Into Essential Oils

About 17 years ago, I stumbled into something intriguing… essential oils. I walked into a shop that carried a vast array – but I knew nothing about them. Oils extracted from flowers, leaves, bark… with pretty incredible aromas. It got me thinking. I took a bottle of lavender oil home and put some drops in a bath. The result? My skin was even better coming out than going in, and it felt soothed. Bonus: No eczema reactions. And oh the aroma! That experience was a sort of awakening for me. It heightened a deeper intrigue into essential oils and aromatherapy.

In the following years of deep research and study, and instruction by aromatherapists, I started developing my own skin care recipes and working with skin nutritious carrier oils. I started creating body oils, scrubs, balms and more. I then progressed into perfecting the art of natural soap-making. I discovered that it WAS possible to produce bath and body care products with ZERO chemicals that are highly effective and superior in quality, without the skin-damaging ingredients that are mass marketed and sold.

Over the years, my passion for botanicals and essential oils has heightened. I have toured a perfumery in Monaco, where the base of all perfumes is built on flower extracts. I have visited a soybean farm in Kentucky (soybean oil is great in soap making). I have seen first-hand an incredible Canadian Lavender farm. I have attended an intensive 8-part lecture series presented by the University of Indiana on the chemistry of essential oils. I am a proud member of the Canadian Federation of Aromatherapists, and I continue with progressive studies and advanced course work in essential oils.


I still suffer with the odd small patch of eczema, but it’s nothing like it used to be. Using natural ingredients and pure essential oils has remarkably “quieted down” my skin issues. Lavender oil and Shea butter have provided some of the greatest eczema relief for me. Essential oils have never irritated my skin.

With two wonderful business partners, Oasis Botanical Company “blossomed” over the years. Our start was in Victoria, British Columbia, selling products through our e-store and in select retail boutiques. Several local hotels took notice and asked us to supply their VIP guest rooms with aromatherapy bath products. In 2016, we embarked on a new adventure with a move to Canada’s East Coast, and we now call Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, our new “Oasis” home. We continue our botanical journey with our large e-shop of authentically pure bath and body products, and our wholesale line of pure essential oils and botanical ingredients. We have even added a delivery service that brings all things aromatherapy right to the doors of our customers! We believe in aromatherapy. We’re passionate about what we do. And we love our customers!


Our Philosophy.

Every single one of our aromatherapy bath and body products is made with only earth-derived, chemical-free ingredients. We believe in sustainable products. So… we love watching our products go down the drain… because they are entirely 100% natural and won’t harm our planet. Our products recycle themselves! From the earth – back to the earth.

We also respect our planet’s trees, flowers and plants. So our essential oils are sourced from reputable suppliers who monitor sustainable harvesting methods of essential oils. We refuse to use oils from endangered species (ie: Rosewood). We believe that no product is worth making from a tree or plant facing depletion or extinction. We believe that bath and body products should not only be natural and chemical-free, but ethical.


Our Commitment.

Oasis Botanical Company is committed to producing high quality, plant-based bath and body products. We handcraft each and every product in small, fresh batches so it’s fresh when you get it. Our commitment is simple. Pure and real aromatherapy products. We will continue to be 100% fragrance-free, petroleum-free, preservative-free, paraben-free, sulfate-free, synthetic-free, detergent-free, chemical-free and color-free.

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