Our Ingredients

We believe that bath and body products don’t need unpronounceable ingredients – hidden in the confines of small text on a label. We like to keep everything real and honest.

That means no secret ingredients.

Some of our natural ingredients may sound a bit strange. So we’ve put together a full page to explain exactly what those ingredients are that you, a savvy consumer, might be wondering about.

You deserve to know exactly what we’re using in our products and what you’re getting.



VegeCide* (Glyceryl Monocaprylate (and) Glyceryl Monoundecylenate)

After extensive (and exhaustive) research to find a 100% natural, extensively tested preservative we could use in our products, we found it! VegeCide is our 100% vegetable-derived product preservative. It’s a highly stable, broad spectrum preservative, made with the fatty acids of Glyceryl Monocaprylate (and) Glyceryl Monoundecylenate – derived from coconuts and the castor bean. Together, they form an excellent natural preservation system.

Why Must We Use a Preservative?

Any product that contains water (or may have water enter into it), must have a preservative. Water is alive, and it promotes growth of various molds, bacteria and other nasty stuff. If a product isn’t properly protected, you can get sick from using it once active bacteria grows. We use VegeCide to naturally protect our sugar scrubs, and in any other product we make that may come into contact with water.

*VegeCide is certified organic by ECOCERT, NPA (Natural Products Association), and NaTrue.


Sodium Hydroxide/Lye

You simply cannot make soap without Sodium Hydroxide – also known as lye. All soap (including ours) is made with lye. Lye is used to form a chemical reaction with oils to form soap. During this chemical reaction (called saponification), all of the Sodium Hydroxide gets converted into glycerin. No lye remains in the final product. The end result: soap!

However, we don’t add anything else other than essential oils, botanicals and fruit/vegetable/plant extracts to our hand-crafted soaps. Our soap is as pure as you can get. Compare our label ingredients to any grocery store soap (or the big chain bath shops who claim to carry natural soaps), and you will see we have pure ingredients… and just simple, REAL soap.



Our Glycerin is 100% vegetable-based. Glycerin is the extraction of fats and oils (from either coconut or palm), using water, high temperatures and pressure.  The water then absorbs the by-product (glycerol), from the fatty acid oil production phase. The glycerol is then isolated and goes through another distillation process to produce a 99% Glycerine product (our Glycerine is USP 99.5%).

We use vegetable glycerin in our sugar scrubs as an excellent natural ingredient to add softening and moisture to skin. It works so well in soothing the scrubbing effect of sugar and to reduce dryness.


Silk Peptide

Silk Peptide is a 100% natural silk protein from the cocoon of the silk worm.  It has a chemical composition that is very close to that of human skin and hair. Silk Peptide is an excellent source of natural hair nourishment – all from the beautiful silk worm! Silk Peptides have the incredible ability to hold and release moisture based on temperature and humidity of the surroundings — great for skin! In some of our products, we incorporate this masterpiece of the silk worm!


Colors and Fragrance

We don’t have much to say here! We do NOT use any chemical colorants/dyes, and we do NOT use fragrance in any of our products. Consumers are moving away from chemicals in food and away from chemicals in body products. The colors and scents in our products are only derived from pure essential oils, plant/vegetable extracts, and fruit powders. We get great color from things like beet root powder, chlorella (seaweed) extract, earth clays and so on. Many, many consumers would rather have beet root powder in soap for coloring than Red Dye #40.