Essential Oils

Essential oils are our passion and the foundation of our business. We care about purity, and have built our business on sourcing the highest quality of pure oils. That quality is reflected in all our products, and we are proud to offer the same premium essential oils at wholesale cost to our customers. Keep us bookmarked as we continue to expand our inventory!

Our premium, organic essential oils are sourced from suppliers with the highest standards. They are ethically harvested, Kosher certified, certified vegan, certified organic, and meet all ISO standards.

Not all essential oils are the same and of the highest quality. Our essential oils are NEVER adulterated or chemically altered. Oasis Botanical Company has, over many years, developed trusted partnerships with suppliers that conduct state-of-the-art gas chromatography testing to verify purity and potency – to ensure the highest quality of oils. Nothing has been added, altered or taken away. This commitment to quality and authenticity is our promise. Good oils mean good health, and we take that seriously.

We sell essential oils at WHOLESALE PRICES (no minimum order required). We source our oils directly from suppliers. We are also (currently) a web-based business, so we don’t transfer any expensive overhead costs on to you. For these reasons, we are able to sell at wholesale cost.

Our essential oils are sold in tamper-proof 10 ml. dark amber glass bottles with built-in dropper caps for controlled and easy dispensing. Note that we only supply essential oils in 10 ml. sizes at this time.

A Couple of Notes:
As we do not use any fragrance in our handcrafted aromatherapy products, we do not stock/sell any fragrance oils.

Some botanicals are more costly to grow/harvest than others (ie: some must be hand-picked; some require larger volumes for oil production, etc). Crop quality, weather conditions and market demand can also influence the cost of an essential oil. Essential oil prices are constantly fluctuating, with some oils periodically becoming more expensive, and others become cheaper. Note that essential oil prices are subject to change due to these factors.

Note: All essential oils are for external use only

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