Face Clays and Customized Clays

Earth clays are full of negative ions which exchange with the positive ions in your skin, leaving you feeling fresh, tingly and glowing. A great addition to your weekly skin spa routine to get city smog and stress out of your pores.

Our dry clays allow you to customize your face/body mask just the way you like. Choose a clay and just add a natural activator at home that you love (spring water, milk, herbal tea, oils, aloe vera juice, fresh fruit juice). SO good for your skin!

Want a bit more earth goodness in your clay? Choose your clay and customize it with up to TWO of any of our premium, pure botanical extracts – at no extra cost!

Our premium deep earth clays will give you a highly nourishing face or body mask. Each clay is beautifully packaged and available in an 8 oz. jar or 2 oz. tin.

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