Sugar Scrubs

Our fresh, handcrafted all natural body sugar scrubs will buff, nourish and soften your skin. We use only 100% organic sugar with wholesome flower and seed oils.

For added exfoliation (and bliss), we balance each scrub using natural ingredients like seeds, flowers, fruit fibers, and even coffee! These ingredients round out the perfect all natural body scrub to gently clean out pores, buff away dead skin and hydrate with wholesome oils.

We also love watching our sugar scrubs go down the drain! That’s because absolutely everything in our scrubs are made entirely from the earth. From the earth, back to the earth. We do NOT use any plastic microbeads as exfoliants in any of our products. Plastic microbeads in mass manufactured skin products are non-biodegradable once they go down the drain and back to our planet. We love being… good to your skin, and good to our earth!

So… Why Use a Sugar Scrub?

#1 – We Shed! Studies show we shed 500 million skin cells EVERY DAY. Those skin flakes were found on a multitude of surfaces in homes and offices. Sugar scrubs away dead skin – so you have less of the flaky stuff in your clothes, bed sheets, etc.

#2 – Skin Loves Sugar! Sugar contains glycolic acid (an alpha hydroxy acid) which gently breaks down the protein that keeps dead skin cells on your skin, yet doesn’t tear skin membranes. Glycolic acid boosts new skin cell production and opens pores. The result: smooth, unbelievably soft, healthy skin.

Questions & Answers – Using Sugar Scrubs

Q: How do I use a sugar scrub?
Gently! Because sugar is such a great natural exfoliator, you don’t need to put much power into scrubbing. Your face is more sensitive, so we highly recommend you use gentle, circular motions when using a sugar scrub. Just let the sugar do the work!

Q: Are there any benefits to washing with sugar?
Absolutely! 1) Sugar is a natural humectant – it draws moisture to the skin and won’t dry it out like chemical ingredients in the majority of commercial face scrubs; 2) Sugar has glycolic acid – it breaks down old skin cells and stimulates new skin cells. Sugar’s glycolic acid also has a superb softening effect on skin; and 3) It just feels SO DARN GOOD! A sugar scrub is incredibly invigorating and feels great all over your body!

Q: How often should I use a sugar scrub?
That’s really up to you… but we recommend 2-3 times a week as an exfoliating facial scrub, and up to 4 times a week as an exfoliating body scrub. Space those days apart – a sugar scrub is so effective, that your skin can rest in between.

Q: Why does my skin turn pink after I’ve used a sugar scrub?
Sugar loosens and buffs away dead skin cells and stimulates circulation and encourages blood flow up toward the skin’s surface, nourishing new cell growth. The result can be a nice pink “glow” to skin. Note: Too vigorous scrubbing can redden skin by tearing off delicate skin cell structures. If skin becomes red after a sugar scrub, chances are you over-scrubbed. Rule to follow: Let the sugar do the work! Nice, circular, gentle motions will do the trick.

Q: Why do you only make sugar scrubs and not salt scrubs?
We prefer sugar for several reasons. Due to its molecular structure, salt is more abrasive than sugar. Under a microscope, salt is a perfect square shape, with sharp edges. Scrubbing with salt can cause tiny abrasions or tear delicate skin cells. However, sugar is a hexagonal shape, with longer edges – not as severe as salt. Sugar molecules are also more soluble in liquid than salt, resulting in a gentler exfoliation. The rule we like to follow: SCRUB with sugar, SOAK in salt.

Because glycolic acid in sugar exfoliates the top lay of skin very effectively, its important to always put on sunscreen when going out into the sun to avoid damage to new regenerating skin cells.

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